Why everyone is so girly and I’m just here feeling like a old ugly man?



I mean…


Other girls:



Other girls:



Other girls:


Drinking (I don’t mean alcohol)

Other girls:


Being angry

Other girls:



Other girls:


Being beautiful

Other girls:



man am i sexy

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HURRAY!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I will do this!




I kill people and eat hands, that’s two things!

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Are you straight? by Anonymous

I’m a unicorn :)

You are adorable :3 by Anonymous

Who me? Nahh you must be thinking of someone else because i look like i have been released into a dungeon on Halloween……

What on earth are you reading? and who the chuff is Jace? by Anonymous

Jace is a bastard who needs to sit on a knife and die painfully!!!!!!! 

Im reading a demon!Blaine fic. well i was before certain events happened which caused me to close it and curl up in a ball rocking back and forth. 

Read A Political Romance then A Legal Romance. do it. do it now :)

UGH! I HATE JACE! Which is your favourite? - Aj by Anonymous

Everyone hates Jace! ugh! why does he even.. no i will not take this out on you :’) Sorry anon. anyway well i havent finished the sequel so i cant really say but i really REALLY like them both… i will get back to you on this when i have finished :) xx

Jace needs to die! by Anonymous

RIGHT?! UGH! im currently avoiding reading it……… i cant do it its too painful!!!

I hope it gets better! Im only at Kurt leaving! D: by Anonymous

Oh anon! You don’t know the half of it :( 


This fic though! D:

I will probably end up liveposting the whole thing now…. 

i didn’t do it for the first one okay let me do this :’)



How DARE you?! I can’t believe that you would even … NO! Stop it! 

You are a creepy mother fucker! Get OUT! Go die in a hole of sadness and misery until you are returned to the firey pits from whence you came and are forever punished for the sins you have commited against Klaine! GO DIE! 

I’m so angry and sad

This fic will be the death of me… 


I need FF to work on my phone

But it doesn’t :’(
So unless someone wants to email me the other 15+ chapters of the fic i’m half way through I will continue to be sad until tomorrow when my computer returns to me
*le sigh* how do normal people cope without computers?

If this doesn’t make you happy get off my blog at once.


If this doesn’t make you happy get off my blog at once.

If Things Were Different:

As promised i have started writing If Things Were Different again (yay?) i started writing it ages ago but then college and shit (one and the same ahaha anyway) so sorry for the …. i cant remember how long so we are going to say very … very long delay :’) 

I will finish it *dramatic look, voice and lighting while fist clenching* If it’s the last thing i do!

Man I’m such a dork

Ooh and (long posting like a boss) regards to Blaine 

I don’t know if i will continue with it! I had everything planned and then it just turned out shit after the first few chapters… 

i might. MIGHT! maybe.. if i can be bothered

i’ll think about it :’)